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US$ 20/M

Technical Support
1 (One) Location/s
2 (Two) Users
10 (Ten) Assets

Additional Assets @ 5 US$
Reservation @ 20 US$ / M
Payment Gateway @ 20 US$ / M
Website Builder @ 40$ / M

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US$ 40/M

Technical Support
2 (Two) Location/s
4 (Four) Users
20 (Twenty) Assets

Additional Assets @ 4 US$
Reservation @ 30 US$ / M
Payment Gateway @ 20 US$ / M
Website Builder @ 40$ / M

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US$ 100/M

Technical Support
4 (Four) Location/s
6 (Six) Users
50 (Fifty) Assets

Additional Assets @ 3 US$
Reservation @ 40 US$ / M
Payment Gateway @ 20 US$ / M
Website Builder @ 40$ / M

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US$ 200/M

Technical Support
5 (Five) Location/s
10 (Ten) Users
100 (Hundred) Assets

Additional Assets @ 2 US$
Reservation @ 50 US$ / M
Payment Gateway @ 20 US$ / M
Website Builder @ 40$ / M

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Auto Rental Solutions

Frequently Ask Questions

  • What is RENTGURUZ?

    RentGuruz is the most innovative auto rental business management solution in cloud. We offer just about every software you may need to run your auto rental business. Some of the products we provide include website builder, reservation links, online payments, mobile applications and several other advanced products.

  • Does it support Multi Language?

    RENTGURUZ is an absolutely multi-language platform. Some of the languages that we currently support include Spanish, French, Arabic and English. Also, if you have any specific language requirements, we consider that a customization project.

  • I have technical problem, who do I email?

    If you are experiencing any technical problems, you need to email them at the support desk where you will be sent an automated reply that comes along with a ticket number. A technical resource then takes up the ticket and s/he will email back with the actual duration it might take to sort out the issue if it cannot be done immediately.

  • Can I make Agreement from my Mobile Phone?

    The RGZ Mobile app can be downloaded from either the Apple iOS Store or the Android Play Store. The app can be used on a variety of gadgets including every kind of cellphones and tablets. It is a user-friendly app that can be used to make agreements damage reports or even take the customer’s signature and email the agreement. You can do all this from the touch of a figure and it is totally paperless.

  • Do you provide Training?

    RGZ provides training with a weekly training schedule. Once you have signed up, you can join any one of such training sessions. We provide quite a number of training VDOs after you have signed up. You can use these during your own free time. For additional costs, you can also access one on one training sessions.

  • How does the subscription pricing works?

    The pricing of RGZ is pretty simple, it involves a one-time signup fees and a monthly subscription. We offer a base module that is available with 3 users and a single location. The monthly subscription is determined by the number of vehicles you own and is available per vehicle per month with the subscription beginning form as low as $2.

Become part of the elite group of smart business owners by beginning to use our cloud based software products.

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